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Course Description

By 2020, there will be 50 billion devices connected to the Internet. How will you and your organization capitalize on this tremendous opportunity? Join this new evolution in hardware, software, and data by registering for this 3 days training program. While the promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings many new business prospects, it also presents significant challenges ranging from technology architectural choices to security concerns. Scientech “IoT for Everyone” course offers important insights on how to overcome these challenges and thrive in this exciting space. At the end of the program, you will be able to understand how to develop and implement your own IoT technologies, solutions, and applications.


  • Discover key IoT concepts including identification, sensors, localization, wireless protocols, data storage and security
  • Explore IoT technologies, architectures, standards, and regulation
  • Realize the value created by collecting, communicating, coordinating, and leveraging the data from connected devices
  • Examine technological developments that will likely shape the industrial landscape in the future
  • Understand how to develop and implement your own IoT technologies, solutions, and applications

Passionate Mentors

Scientech R&D team developed “IoT Builder” which enables rapid innovation, creation and deployment of new IoT applications that connect, manage, and optimize complex set of sensors, devices, people and software solutions into a "system of systems" for use in Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Environment, Smart Water, Smart Energy, Smart Security & Emergency, Smart Agriculture, Smart Healthcare and Smart Logistics

Key Benefits

  • Gain practical knowledge to develop concrete IoT applications for your institute and city
  • Hands-on practical’s, live demo and case studies for in-depth IoT concept understanding
  • Recognize IoT opportunities in your own industry or function to help your institute or company maintain its competitive advantage
  • Take advantage of a technical support from anywhere in the world
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion after the program

Course Outline

  • Introduction of the Team Members
  • Discussion about the Internet of Things
  • IoT Evolution
  • How the IoT works
  • Industry grade IoT Builder Platform
  • Application areas in IoT
  • Operating System used for IoT
  • Shell Scripting Programming for IoT
  • Programming Language used in IoT
    • C & Python Language introduction

Hardware Interfacing for IoT

  • LED & Switches
  • LCD
  • Memory IC
  • Motors

Communication Protocol study for IoT

  • Zigbee
  • RFID
  • GSM Modem
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth

Sensors and Actuator for IoT

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental
  • Industrial

Database, Cloud and Server Configuration for IoT

  • All Applications run on Scientech Server and also cover free available server
  • Web development and application development tools
  • Importance of Wireless Sensor Network
  • Live working application design
  • Career in IoT
  • Query and Feedback

Who will benefit from this Program?

Internet of Things is applicable to all verticals and specializations. That’s the beauty and attraction of IoT.

Some of the people who can make the most from the program are:

Students: Looking to build a better career in technology? There is going to be a very high demand for people who have knowledge and the ability to contribute to IoT projects in your organization. This program helps you develop an understanding that they can further deepen through learning and experimentation to ride the IoT wave.

Electronics Engineers: A golden period is coming for you soon to reach out beyond your current scope that limits you to just hardware. Getting an understanding of the electronic side of the IoT technologies and standards and also getting an exposure to the cloud / software side of things will enable you to play a key role in time to come when the demand for electronic engineers with IoT experience and knowledge will skyrocket.

Software Professionals: Expand your horizons by getting exposure to latest technologies like Big Data, Analytics, Mobile computing, Cloud computing, etc. along with in-depth understanding of IoT. Most IT companies have started their IOT competencies and this training will be a very good career booster for you.

Existing or Budding Enterpreneures: IoT ideas (e.g. remote controlled things, home automation, wearable tech devices, etc.) that you would like to bring to reality. You will get a very good understanding of all technologies and most importantly, how these technologies work together to make it possible. You will also get technical support from Scientech experts and limited period free access to IoT Builder platform to experiment and build your applications.

Industry Professionals: Working in pharmaceutical, real estate, manufacturing, electrical, retail, healthcare and a number of other verticals and businesses who are foresighted to see the disruption that it will bring in the way their business operates in the near future and want to be the early adopters or change agents in their respective industries. Through the insight that you build on the working and the possibilities of IoT, you can spearhead the adoption of it in your business areas.

Pre requisites

There are no specific pre-requisites. The sessions have been structured in a manner that anyone with zeal to learn can go through them. We will help you understand the end to end IOT. The program gets you a conceptual understanding about the Internet of Things on different technologies and applications.

Earn a Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion will be awarded by Scientech after the course has ended. We will be mailing you the certificate on completion of the course, signed by both of us and authorized by Scientech. This certificate will be useful to get a position in any company looking to get into IoT.

Your next steps after this 3 days Program

The answer to this can vary significantly based what you intend to do with the competence you build on IoT. Here are some thoughts:

  • Electronics and Software professionals will get a lot of hands on insights on the latest technologies. While they prepare themselves and develop further depth for the IoT wave to hit our shores, they can leverage the insights on specific technologies to further build depth on them and transform their careers in that direction.
  • Startup enthusiasts and students can immediately get started with implementing their ideas. They can buy our IoT Builder Platform; they can start putting together their proof of concept. This is the most time and cost effective way to experiment and convert their ideas to reality.
  • Govt/PSU employees can take this input and explore how Govt can make a difference in governance using IOT. How better data can be collected using IOT. Given the vast application of the IOT in social sector, healthcare, environment and quality management, huge scope for Govt employees to experiment and implement.
  • Industry people can go back and start exploring on ideas through which they can create disruptive innovation in their businesses and work with our consulting / solutions division to develop solutions for their needs.

Besides this, we are open to work with passionate people on their ideas and if you are keen on putting further effort in realizing those ideas, we are going to back you up through technical support, mentoring, access to infrastructure, etc. for translating these ideas into reality.

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